Changing the way we deal with chronic disease management.

01 -

Lack of information and support structures exacerbates the impact of chronic illnesses

Chronic disease management is prohibitively expensive, and doctors’ time and resources are extremely limited. This often forces informal carers to make decisions for patients that they do not have the information or skills to make good choices about.

02 -

Improving life with diabetes in order to improve life with all chronic diseases.

We researched chronic diseases and consulted with medical professionals until we were experts in this knowledge area. We used design sprints to develop a prototype that caters to sufferers of diabetes. We tested the prototype and gained positive feedback on the product. We incorporated insights from the user experience of the prototype in testing to improve the prototype before the next round of testing.

03 -

An always-available triage consultation system and trusted carer access

We created an always available triage system that evaluates the user’s degree of health risk based on present symptoms, and recommends the appropriate response.

We developed a trusted carer access system to the user’s account and an open chat line to the carer, so that the carer can monitor symptoms and medicine intake, and assist in disease management. We scripted knowledge pieces on the user’s disease and treatment of it to empower the user with knowledge to improve their live, informed by contemporary academic research and expertise.

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