Equipping the next generation with personal finance knowledge and skills.

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How might we make children eager to engage with financial literacy?

Children struggle with financial literacy concepts because they don’t see these concepts as relevant to their lives. Yet, these are some of the most important skills to know as a young adult, especially in a country like South Africa, whose society is facing challenges with debt and savings.

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An immersive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game that incorporates financial decision-making simulations

We did extensive research into the types of game mechanics that have been used to build the most captivating software-based games in the world, and used these mechanics as inspiration. We toured schools across South Africa where we met with school children and found out what their interests and aspirations were, so that we could incorporate them into our game. We developed the game iteratively, through frequent rounds of prototyping, testing with school children, incorporating feedback, and testing developed prototypes again.

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Financial learnings that children enjoy and an acclaimed novelist's insights

We ensured that valuable, real-world finance learnings and skills were woven into the plots by building financial product simulations that challenge players to make tough decisions.

We worked with a novelist to develop exciting, evocative, pleasurable plotlines and themes. We used contemporary academic insights on pedagogy to use the best teaching techniques, like learning by teaching and learning by teaching.

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