Changing the way we envision and book the perfect holiday experience

01 -

How do we develop a platform that gives unprecedented creative power to travellers and agents to co-create holidays?

The vast majority of inbound travel websites are unimaginative and built on archaic systems. They do not effectively allow would-be clients to customise their trips to suit their desires, or provide agents with crucial information that is required to create perfect holidays.

02 -

A proof of concept to tackle the most difficult components of the new platform first

We validated three key factors. We demonstrated that the idea is desirable to users. That the plan is commercially viable, and that our vision is technically feasible.

03 -

A semantic data model and an approved proof of concept for a R1 Billion business plan

We created a service design blueprint to show the interaction between traveller booking agents, would-be travellers and the platforms they use.

This gives valuable service insights to address the challenges. We conducted series of design sprints to transform service design insights into key experiences at the front end. We addressed the most difficult technical challenge through a semantic data model for rates and products management at the back end. We successfully delivered the proof of concept.

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