Q (stands for Quartermaster)

WhY the name?

Q runs the MI6 R&D department, Q Division, which supplies 007 with whatever equipment he needs on his missions to save the world.

We think it’s a great idea for every business to have a Q. Someone who can deliver awesome innovations time and time again. And maybe some of them will even save the world.

Guiding Beliefs

Small groups of smart and inspired people drive innovation. Q Division was founded on a belief that an entrepreneurial mindset combined with innovation know-how, has great potential to address social and economic problems - and opportunities across Africa.

We've built a company of diverse, smart people who are inspired to work alongside colleagues to build better products, services and experiences that solve big challenges. 

Continuous improvement

Innovation is a behaviour at Q. Continuous improvement is a skill that enables us to be curious and apply introspection to our output, our processes and ourselves - to constantly learn and evolve.

Opportunity creators

We are problem solvers. We don’t wait for opportunity to come knocking. We dream, we sift, we create, we make changes and then we nurture our ideas until they become something real, with meaningful impact.


It’s a funny German word that means an unwavering passion for what you do. We believe that one needs to be proud of what you put into the world. We have high standards and enjoy having them.

We take care of each other

Innovation is a social art, driven by people. We collaborate and our work is better for it. And we look out for each other to ensure that we nurture and take care of our number one asset.

Job Openings

Data Scientist

Are you interested in working with a team that builds innovative AI products? Do you get excited about the potential of agile ML POC’s and how it can speed up the process of creating impact through ML? If so, we’re a match made in heaven. Send us your CV, we are always on the look-out for smart inspired people to join our team of innovators.

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