The Amazing Life Of...

Teaching Generation X personal finance and life skills.


Children struggle with financial literacy concepts because they don’t see these concepts as relevant to their lives. Yet, these are some of the most important skills to know as a young adult, especially in a country like South Africa, whose society is facing massive challenges with debt and savings.


Co-creating an engaging concept and gameplay mechanics with high-school learners in South African schools, by tapping into their aspirations and simulating real-world financial decision-making into an awesome adaptive learning game.


Phase 1

Game concepts were created and tested with our target audience.

Phase 2

Financial products, including unit trusts, shares and managing a business were simulated to create ‘real-world’ conditions in a quest-based game format.

Phase 3

We collaborated with an acclaimed novelist to develop the game’s character and the scripts for various quests to ultimately reach your dreams and live your best life. 

Phase 4

The game was tested, validated and loved by our target audience. Next step is wide-scale rollout and global financial literacy domination!

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Symptom Risk Assessment 

A clinically validated symptom checker provides the patient or caregiver with an urgency scale for either peace of mind or quick access to emergency medical attention. 


All your medical information in one place.

Quick, anytime access to patients full medical history gives doctors and caregivers accurate, up to date medical information. 


Health and wellness content specific to you

Curated informative on exercise, nutrition, weight and stress management programs that address lifestyle factors relevant to an individual’s chronic disease.

“The Amazing Life Of…” shows the value of human centered design to transform a low interest topic into a highly engaging educational experience.

Key Service Areas

Game Design
Syllabus creation

Applying design thinking to improve the financial wellbeing of South Africans.