Changing the way we deal with chronic disease management.


The burden of chronic disease management is rapidly increasing world-wide, posing many challenges for medical aids, payers and government. Patients are faced with lack of ongoing support and guidance beyond doctor’s visits and medical aids are facing an enormous financial burden.


We co-created an app with a network of doctors and chronic disease patients to design a solution that focused on the possibilities and benefits, if patients could have 24/7 access to a doctor and a wellness coach. The result. An AI driven healthcare app to take quality care to new heights.


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Symptom Risk Assessment 

A clinically validated symptom checker provides the patient or caregiver with an urgency scale for either peace of mind or quick access to emergency medical attention. 


All your medical information in one place.

Quick, anytime access to patients full medical history gives doctors and caregivers accurate, up to date medical information. 


Health and wellness content specific to you

Curated informative on exercise, nutrition, weight and stress management programs that address lifestyle factors relevant to an individual’s chronic disease.

The incredibly positive responses Medihalo received after the initial trial period with patients, is testament to the power of human centered design to solve very complex problems.

Key Service Areas

UX and UI design
User testing

An AI powered research bot challenging research conventions.