Research Bot

An AI powered research bot challenging research conventions.


Qualitative research can give us powerful insights on why people do what they do, but large- scale studies are expensive and often traditional in their approach, removed from people’s real-world environments and contexts - where the most useful insights can be found.


We developed an AI-powered research bot to replace traditional research studies, with immersive conversations, giving us the ability to extract in the moment feedback in the form of videos, diaries, open text, images and voice note uploads. Natural language processing picks up on themes and sentiment, giving us the ability to create segments based on interest, opinion and behaviour.


Project phase 1

A bot, called Sam, was created to engage in conversations with people on all things relating to personal finance.

Project phase 2

Creating a CMS for researchers to schedule and automate conversations. A powerful analytics engine performs automated analysis to free up time to review, and act on, insights.

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Symptom Risk Assessment 

A clinically validated symptom checker provides the patient or caregiver with an urgency scale for either peace of mind or quick access to emergency medical attention. 


All your medical information in one place.

Quick, anytime access to patients full medical history gives doctors and caregivers accurate, up to date medical information. 


Health and wellness content specific to you

Curated informative on exercise, nutrition, weight and stress management programs that address lifestyle factors relevant to an individual’s chronic disease.

We ran several tests with research groups to test and optimise user engagement, focused on reducing reliance on recall, through conversations that probe deeper and provide more candid responses.

Key Service Areas

Business strategy
UX and UI design

Teaching Generation X personal finance and life skills.