Sanlam Design Thinking Workshop

Applying design thinking to improve the financial wellbeing of South Africans.


We partnered with the Sanlam Sky team to run a series of design thinking workshops with a big and audacious goal, to explore powerful ideas and business concepts to improve the financial wellbeing of the people of South Africa.


We collaborated with key Sanlam stakeholders to find the most powerful insights to solve the business challenge. This resulted in 18 powerful business concepts that were filtered into a handful prototypes that were built, user validated, and received a massive thumbs up from the people we were designing for.


Project phase 1

A series of design thinking workshops resulted in several good business concepts.

Project phase 2

A retail offer to help people save on everyday expenses and improve their financial fitness was prototyped and validated with consumers.

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Symptom Risk Assessment 

A clinically validated symptom checker provides the patient or caregiver with an urgency scale for either peace of mind or quick access to emergency medical attention. 


All your medical information in one place.

Quick, anytime access to patients full medical history gives doctors and caregivers accurate, up to date medical information. 


Health and wellness content specific to you

Curated informative on exercise, nutrition, weight and stress management programs that address lifestyle factors relevant to an individual’s chronic disease.

The business concept is now being incubated as part of key strategic initiatives within Sanlam Sky to be the undisputed market leader in serving their clients with solutions that improves their financial wellbeing.

Key Service Areas

Design thinking workshops
Rapid prototyping
Developing business case
User testing

Changing the way we deal with chronic disease management.